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    Celebrating Day Of The Girl October 15, 2019 Captain Laura Van Schaick
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    Day Of The Girl
    Day Of The Girl

    In honour of International Day of the Girl, we asked girls from across the Canada and Bermuda Territory, “what does it mean to be a girl where you live?” 

    Here are their answers:

    Summer – Age 9

    To me, sometimes I feel like it’s hard [being a girl where I live].  You get pushed around or called names sometimes.  Sometimes when I want to go to play at the park I’m not allowed, or if I want to go out I can’t.  But if I want to play video games or watch TV I can.  I’m expected to dress girly or like pretty things, but I’m really a tomboy.  I’m okay being a girl though, because I am strong.

    Summer attends The Salvation Army in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan with her family.

    Chloe – Age 10

     My name is Chloe and I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  It means a lot to me to be able to live in Canada because there are so many things I can do as a girl.  I love being able to have my hair however I want.  My hair is long.  I also love being able to go to school.  Where I live there are lots of things girls can do like going to school, playing softball and doing gymnastics.  I am lucky because where I live the hardest thing about being a girl is picking out what I am going to wear and that is not really that hard!

    Chloe attends Berkshire Citadel, where her parents are the Corps Officers.

    Jamie – Age 17

    One of the best things about being a girl is the sense of community I’m able to find with other girls. Supporting one another and building each other up is a really cool and powerful thing, and I find that to be super apparent in young girls in Toronto!

    Jamie is a soldier at Scarborough Citadel.

    Dorcas-Shalôm – Age 17

    Être une fille là où j'habite signifie?

    Être audacieuse, courageuse et pleine d'ambitions. Celle là, qui rythme ses journées avec foi. Celle qui tombe et qui sait se relever malgré tout. Être une fille là où j'habite, c'est être ce canal de bénédictions pour tant d'autres. Mettre au service de plusieurs ce que Dieu a déposer en nous.Remplie de grâce et d'amour à donner. Jeune, elle rêve déjà grand. Déterminée visionnaire et travaillante, voilà en quelques mots ce que veut dire "être une fille" chez moi.

    Dorcas-Shalôm est une membre de la Centre communautaire chrétien de Rosemont.

    Camila – Age 19

    Qu'est-ce que signifie être une fille où vous habitez? Être une fille pour moi est synonyme de la solidarité et la liberté. Je me sens supportée par les femmes dans ma vie et me sens libre de m'exprimer comme je le veux.

    Camila est une membre de la Citadelle de Montréal.

    Miriam – Age 19

    To me, being a girl in St. John’s means doing everything I can to make a difference and show God’s love in every way.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve taken up a more active role in my church as a Sunday school teacher, and a beginner band instructor.  I remember how people in my Corps invested in me, so I want to do the same for other children.  Also, working at Salvation Army camps the past couple of years has opened my eyes to the needs of many children in our communities.  I hope that I can continue to do more to have a positive impact on every person I meet.

    Miriam is a soldier at St. John’s Temple.

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