Day 33–February 2, 2020 - Salvation Army Canada
Floyd and Tracey Tidd

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Day 33–February 2, 2020

Filed Under: 100 Days

Unceasing Prayer

Ministry Expression
Park Street Citadel, Grand Falls – Windsor, N.L.

Praise God for moving in our corps. We are seeing people come to church that have not come before.

We petition the throne of God for leadership needs in our corps. We want dedicated people who have a passion for God and people.

We intercede on behalf of the people in our community who need to know Jesus. Pray that our people will go outside the confines of our building to reach people who are lost and hurting.

Shared Scripture

1 Samuel 16:1-18:16

Do you think David was really courageous or just foolhardy to fight Goliath? How can you judge when it’s right to take on such a fight? Do you face one now?

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