Day 44–February 13, 2020 - Salvation Army Canada
Floyd and Tracey Tidd

Join with us in 100 Days of Unceasing Prayer and Shared Scripture.

100 prayers from ministry units. 100 essential Bible passages.

Let's discern together what God has in store for the Canada and Bermuda Territory.

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Day 44–February 13, 2020

Filed Under: 100 Days

Unceasing Prayer

Ministry Expression
Southwest Saskatchewan Circuit, Maple Creek and Swift Current, Sask.

We praise God for his Spirit’s moving in the hearts of staff and volunteers.

We pray for direction as leadership decisions are made.

We intercede for persons seeking freedom from addictions.

Shared Scripture

Proverbs 1-4

People have many ideas about what wisdom is. What do you think it means to be really wise? How does one become truly wise?

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