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    Beyond the Orange Shirt Where do we go from here?

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    At the Cross

    The blood of Jesus seals our pardon.

    Opinion & Critical Thought

    In Scripture, the God we worship reveals himself through the CHRIST-centred story. And we find our place in that story as well. Major Lorne Pritchett continues our spiritual life series, exploring R for redemption: the reality and consequence of sin, alongside the audacious hope we’re able to find and experience at the cross.

    Rethinking the Shelter

    How The Salvation Army Gateway navigated the pandemic—and what we learned along the way.


    Emergency shelters are an important part of responding to homelessness, but as the housing crisis in Canada has continued to worsen, they’ve become less effective at solving the problem.

    Policy 101

    Why updating the terms we use in The Salvation Army matters


    The Salvation Army will always need good policies to guide us, and that requires us to put our mission at the forefront and listen to the people the policy will impact, our mission partners and those we serve each day.

    The Salvation Army is active in more than 130 countries worldwide. With such a wide scope of ministry, there are many service opportunities for both officers and lay personnel interested in serving overseas. Below is a list of available positions in other Salvation Army territories, prepared by the IHQ personnel