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    Finding Ezra

    When I prayed for "help" for my son and his wife, I had no idea God would take me so literally.

    Faith & Friends
    When Phil Callaway prayed for "help" that his son and daughter-in-law in their quest to adopt, he had no idea God would take him so literally.

    One Block at a Time

    Booth University College’s Bricks in the Bistro campaign aims at building the institution.

    What's in a brick? Plenty, when it's part of Booth University College's Bricks in the Bistro campaign  “When you buy a brick, you're building knowledge, building faith, building community," says Georgine Van de Mosselaer, Booth UC's director of advancement. "A brick builds many things. It builds students. It builds a better world.” See how you can help Booth UC grow, a brick at a time.

    Unexpected Lullabies

    Finding spiritual rhythms that work in the busyness of life.

    Web Exclusive

    In the midst of the ever-shifting and overwhelming, the rhythmic spiritual practices I developed over the course of three maternity leaves are the things I find myself leaning on most heavily in this season at training college.

    Runaway Bunny

    Like Peter Rabbit in the new movie, we have to decide who we want to be.

    Faith & Friends
    In Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, Peter faces a choice between the safety of his newfound family, and the promise of excitement and adventure in the big city. It's a decision many of us face in real life. See how Peter's choice echoes a famous biblical parable.

    Valued and Equal

    How a Salvation Army school is transforming the lives of children with albinism in Tanzania.

    On June 13, people around the world will observe International Albinism Awareness Day

    A New Hope

    Movie teaches that there is a (super) hero in all of us.

    Faith & Friends
    While Flora & Ulysses is about a (super) squirrel but there's a deeper message that all of us can take to heart. Read on to find out what that is.