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Big Little Miracles

From Greece to Kelowna, B.C., how one couple found family and a new home with help from the Army.


A family's life is changed forever when a Salvation Army church says "yes" to sponsorship.

Election 2021

Election season is here. Read Salvation Army position statements, articles and voting resources.

Public Affairs

Join us each day as our election bloggers provide insight on politics, voting, just society as well as biblical perspectives.

A Piece of the Puzzle

What began as fun turned into a chore. Would we ever find the solution to this mystery?

Faith & Friends
Do you think you have all the pieces to your life? That's what Jeanette Levellie thought when she started a puzzle that looked to be a "fun" little way to pass the time. But as she found out, only God knows exactly where each piece fits -- in puzzles or in life.

Escaping the Pain of the Past

Thanks to the Army, Kyle is achieving goals and realizing dreams he never thought possible.

Faith & Friends
With the help of The Salvation Army, Kyle broke away from the chaos and abuse of an abusive family and was able to achieve his goal to return to school. “I got lucky finding The Salvation Army,” he says. “I can’t believe I am alive today, where I’ve come from and how far I’ve made it.”

Yet I Will Praise

I endured childhood abuse and a painful divorce, but God stayed close to me.


I have often thought that if it were not for the grace of God, my life would be so different today. I believe that the Lord never left me for a moment.

The Great Paradox

The Army needs change, but answers are found in unchanging practices.

Web Exclusive
At a time when the Army is faced with cries for change, the answers to such cries are found in unchanged practices that have been part of our tradition since its inception.

COVID Rally Day

Five ways to Increase your RALLY DAY impact.

Ministry Resources
Are you looking for ways to recognize RALLY DAY this year? Here are some ideas for adjusting your plans.