2023 Wesley Studies Symposium

2023 Wesley Studies Symposium


"Heritage and Hope: Wesleyan Wisdom for the Future of Ministry"
Tyndale University

April 25, 2023

Registration is now open for the annual Wesley Studies Symposium, which will take place at Tyndale University in Toronto on April 25, 2023. For those unable to attend in person, an online option is also available. An early bird discount will be offered to those who register before March 31, 2023.

The event is open to all and will be an opportunity for learning and fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ from across the country who share our rich Wesleyan heritage. The theme for this year, Heritage and Hope: Wesleyan Wisdom for the Future of Ministry, will address how the Wesleyan “optimism of grace" keeps us oriented in a disorienting time.

Tyndale University College and Seminary has close ties to The Salvation Army. Lifelong Salvationist Dr. Marjory Kerr was appointed as President and Vice Chancellor of Tyndale in 2020 after serving as President and Vice Chancellor of Booth University College.

This year, to celebrate the thirtieth anniversary of the Wesley Chair, two previous Chairs will be welcomed as keynote speakers: Dr. Victor Shepherd and Dr. Howard Snyder. Both outstanding scholars well-known to the Salvation Army and to the Wesleyan community, Dr. Shepherd held the chair from 1993-2003 and continues to serve at Tyndale as Professor Emeritus of Theology and Dr. Snyder held the Chair from 2007-2012 and currently serves as the International Representative of the Manchester Wesley Research Centre.

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Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Victor Shepherd's headshot
Dr. Victor Shepherd

Dr. Howard Snyder's headshot
Dr. Howard Snyder