- Salvation Army Canada
    The Second Call Canadian Salvation Army officers reflect on their international service.

    A Colourful Ministry

    After a devastating diagnosis, Captain Karen Holland found a new way to pray.


    Since being diagnosed with a rare form of malignant brain cancer, Captain Karen Holland has found a new way to engage in pastoral ministry.

    Curious and Brave

    A Salvation Army after-school program in Paraguay encourages children to dream and grow.


    The South America East Territory, in partnership with the Canada and Bermuda Territory and others,  is offering a new after-school program, Curious and Brave. The program offers well-rounded, holistic educational support that provides basic needs for students and families and, as the name suggests, encourages them to be curious, to think critically and to bravely communicate and defend their feelings, emotions and ideas within a safe space.

    Big Little Miracles

    From Greece to Kelowna, B.C., how one couple found family and a new home with help from the Army.


    A family's life is changed forever when a Salvation Army church says "yes" to sponsorship.

    Election 2021

    Election season is here. Read Salvation Army position statements, articles and voting resources.

    Public Affairs

    Join us each day as our election bloggers provide insight on politics, voting, just society as well as biblical perspectives.

    A Piece of the Puzzle

    What began as fun turned into a chore. Would we ever find the solution to this mystery?

    Faith & Friends
    Do you think you have all the pieces to your life? That's what Jeanette Levellie thought when she started a puzzle that looked to be a "fun" little way to pass the time. But as she found out, only God knows exactly where each piece fits -- in puzzles or in life.