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    In His Hands

    Diagnosed with a rare illness, Cindy Moore experienced God's love in a way she never had before.

    Faith & Friends
    Despite being diagnosed with visceral myopathy, a rare pathological condition characterized by impaired intestinal function and motility, Cindy Moore continues to keep the faith and look at each day with fresh wonder.

    Mission in a Pandemic Podcast with Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd

    What is the future of the Salvation Army? Where are we going?

    Welcome to our second season, this new set of episodes will offer insights into how The Salvation Army is adapting as we reopen during the pandemic. In the coming weeks we have corps officers, youth secretaries, our territorial music secretary, our integrated mission secretary and our chief risk officer all talking about how they have pivoted

    Invisible Chains

    Fighting human trafficking from coast to coast.

    Jackie McLennan is a survivor of human trafficking who is sharing the love of Jesus with others ever since she experienced it in her own life.

    Nickel-and-Diming It

    Angila Holden and her four grandchildren are helping The Salvation Army during the time of COVID-19.

    Faith & Friends
    Angila Holden and her four grandchildren raised money to provide milk for The Salvation Army’s community and family services in Listowel, Ont.

    One Strand at a Time

    Human-trafficking survivor Victoria Morrison is putting her life back together.

    Faith & Friends
    A victim of human-trafficking, Victoria Morrison escaped and, with the help of The Salvation Army, is not only putting her life back together but now assists other survivors.

    Bucket List

    The Salvation Army and Incredible Edible Okanagan tackle food insecurity one garden at a time.

    Fighting food insecurity is one reason why The Salvation Army’s Renew Church and Community Ministries in West Kelowna, B.C., distributed 25 free, self-watering bucket gardens—each containing a Tiny Tim tomato, cucumber and lettuce seedling—to the community in June.

    My Brother’s Keeper

    The Canadian Council of Churches calls for end to Safe Third Country Agreement.

    Web Exclusive
    Acts of charity and justice can relieve suffering and put people on a better course, but right changes in policy and legislation can be much more effective over the long term in treating people with justice, dignity and hospitality.

    Home Sweet Hope

    London Centre of Hope is more than just a transitional home.

    When Michelle Boissonneault moved into her private room at the Salvation Army's Centre of Hope, she was weeks away from being dead after spending one of the most brutally cold winters on the streets of London, Ont. Now, she is taking one day at a time and thankful to have a place she can call home.

    My Calling

    Or, how God makes me restless then finally says, “Go.”

    I have been reminded over and over in this journey of officership that when we are living in light of the largeness of God’s kingdom, when we are committed to his glory above our own, his spirit shapes our desires.

    Keeping Christ at the Centre

    Majors Frank and Rita Pittman share their thoughts on the important role of the corps officer.

    Majors Frank and Rita Pittman continue to serve in a shared ministry that has taken them to a variety of corps and administrative roles, including as the divisional leaders in Bermuda.

    Final Words

    What happens when a candidate for Medical Assistance in Dying requests pastoral care?

    Opinion & Critical Thought
    The Salvation Army stands firmly against Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). So, what happens when a corps officer is asked to go on a pastoral care journey with someone interested in pursuing MAiD? We start with love.