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    How Should the Church Respond to Conspiracy Theories? Why critical thinking is crucial to a biblical view of knowledge.

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    The Battle Against Hunger

    The Salvation Army is helping to bring food security to those without.

    Faith & Friends

    October 16 has been designated by the UN as World Food Day. This comes just days after Thanksgiving, when many of us sat with family and enjoyed a large meal together. Maybe this year we will not only give thanks for what we have bu also reflect on the millions of people around the world who have far less than we do. As you will read, The Salvation Army's international development department is involved in many projects around the world, bringing food security to individuals and families.

    Coffee Conversations

    Sharing hope and encouragement, one double-double at a time.

    Faith & Friends
    In October 2019, Major Morgan Hillier, the Salvation Army pastor at Mount Pearl Corps, N.L., met a friend for coffee at a Tim Hortons. “He was going through some challenges. As we were talking, I gave him some advice, which I wrote on a napkin,” says Major Morgan. Wondering if others would find it useful as well, he snapped a picture

    The World is Waiting

    We are blessed to be a blessing.

    Opinion & Critical Thought
    It’s that time of year again. In the midst of all that our world has experienced and continues to wrestle with, we are invited to the table to give thanks together. We pause to celebrate the blessings and to hear again God’s invitation to be a people who bless.  Before the arrival of European settlers, First Nations across Turtle Island— how

    Native Land

    Reflecting on Thanksgiving in light of the history and ongoing impact of Indian residential schools.

    Web Exclusive

    As we acknowledge the painful truths of the Indian residential school system, what does it mean for Thanksgiving?

    Kingdom Mission

    Salvationists share how the Officership Information Weekend helped confirm their calling.


    Salvationists are invited to explore God’s calling at the Officership Information Weekend in October.

    Heard and Seen

    How to hold a Hannah Service for those grieving pregnancy and infant loss.

    Opinion & Critical Thought

    It’s not something we often talk about. In North America, 15-20 percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage and one in eight couples have trouble getting pregnant or sustaining a pregnancy. While infertility, pregnancy and infant loss are often ignored by our culture, they are not ignored by God. 

    Remembering the Children Who Never Came Home

    May we never forget the names of the children who attended Indian residential schools.

    Opinion & Critical Thought

    Through the wearing of orange shirts, the colouring of artistic eagle feathers, the placing of small pairs of shoes along stairways and lantern-lit pathways, in conversations shared and stories learned, in lamenting hearts and acts of justice, we are remembering the thousands of children we had previously ignored.

    Every Child Matters

    The Salvation Army honours the survivors of residential schools through Orange Shirt Day.


    “The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda is supporting Orange Shirt Day as part of our overall journey of reconciliation,” says Commissioner Floyd Tidd, territorial commander. “We believe the core message of this day, that ‘Every Child Matters,’ and we stand in solidarity with Indigenous Peoples in this initiative.”