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    If At First … It took a couple of attempts for Tim and Kerrin Fraser to pursue officership, but they succeeded.

    The Power of Education

    From a refugee camp to Salvation Army sponsorship to shaping the future.

    "Nelson Mandela said, 'Education is the most powerful weapon that you can use to change the world.' I have seen first-hand the impact of this in my life."

    Nordic Adventures

    The mission of The Salvation Army in the happiest country in the world.

    Consistently ranked by the United Nations as “the happiest country in the world,” Finland is a place of opportunity for The Salvation Army. Canadian officers Majors Hannu and Gerry Lindholm are serving in the Finland and Estonia Territory as territorial corps property secretary and training college principal, respectively. Features editor Giselle Randall spoke with them about cultural differences, learning a new language and the Finnish spirit.

    In This Together

    Planning a wedding in a pandemic.

    Faith & Friends
    For Brianne Zelinsky and Michael Carew, the COVID-19 challenge put love into action and gave them real perspective of what marriage would look like. They came to fully understand and accept the significance behind saying “I do” and committing a life together.

    From Knowledge to Action

    Celebrating Black History Month in Canada.

    Web Exclusive
    In December 1995, Dr. Jean Augustine (the first African-Canadian woman elected to the House of Commons) led the motion for Canada to officially recognize February as Black History Month. Today, Black History Month provides the opportunity to recognize and celebrate contributions of Black Canadians of the past and present.

    Single Minded

    Five ways to include those who aren’t married.

    The church can’t continue to ignore the presence of single adults in its midst or treat them as a problem to be fixed.

    A Lifelong Covenant

    She may be retired, but Major Lillian Pelley continues to serve God and others.

    Major Lillian Pelley shares her thoughts on the important role of the corps officer, why she continues to serve after retirement and some of her fondest memories of ministry.