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    Celebrating 125 Years of The Salvation Army in Bermuda Rekindling the flame of mission.

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    How to Hold a “Blue Christmas” Service

    A pastoral response for those experiencing loss, grief or pain during this season.


    One way churches have tried to provide a pastoral response to those experiencing loss, grief or pain during a season of relentless cheer and family-centred celebrations is through Blue Christmas reflection services. They are usually held on or close to December 21, the longest night of the year. 

    Motorcycles on a Mission

    Salvation Army toy run's massive haul will make Christmas brighter for families in need.

    Faith & Friends

    The Moose Jaw Cycle Association in Saskatchewan come through in a bigway for The Salvation Amy's toy run, and thanks to their efforts, hundreds of children will have a merry Christmas.

    Bird's Eye View

    How an encounter with some fine-feathered friends reminded me not to worry.

    Faith & Friends

    Is keeping birds off the road much like raising teenagers? This is what Diane Stark and her daughter, Julia, discussed one day while they were running errands in the family car. Their answer might surprise you!

    Thanks for Nothing

    An honest look at gratitude during trying times.

    Web Exclusive

    Gratitude is best cultivated when we take whatever time necessary to sit with our grief, embrace suffering and resist numbing out in the face of hardship. It’s these very things that become the means to cultivating an intimate and more honest connection with God.

    The Voices of Angels

    From kettle bells to Broadway, this sister duo's talent soars.

    Faith & Friends

    Cassandra and Callahan Armstrong went viral for their moving rendition of An Easter Hallelujah, which provided encouragement to millions looking for inspiration and peace.

    From Five to Four

    Salvationists from Newfoundland and Labrador talk about living in the shadow of illness and grief.


    Darren and Kathleen Thompson, Salvationists from Newfoundland and Labrador, talk about living in the shadow of grief after the loss of their son.

    Brooke's Way Back

    Hard work and determination helped a young man turn his life around.

    Faith & Friends

    “The Salvation Army took me in and treated me like family,” Brooke beams. “It doesn’t matter where you come from, who you are or what you believe—The Salvation Army is here to help without judgment.”

    We’re Listening

    New diversity and inclusion strategist shares how the Army is moving toward equity.


    Dr. Ellen Melis talks about where the Army is making progress with diversity and inclusion and why EDJI work can’t be done from ivory towers.