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    Italy Aids African Refugees

    Salvation Army in Italy responds to request for help with refugees March 4, 2011
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    Italian authorities have asked The Salvation Army to arrange for its Atena Lucana Centre to be used as a temporary home for refugees from northern Africa fleeing the turmoil in Tunisia and Libya.

    Lieut-Colonel Daniel Naud, Officer Commanding of The Salvation Army's work in Italy, reports that he agreed to have the centre prepared and that within the next few days it will be ready to accommodate at least 50 people.

    The centre in Atena Lucana, more than two hours' drive south-east of Rome, was used in 2008 to accommodate immigrants from other African countries. The programme ran for several months and was acknowledged by the authorities as one of the most effective in the country.

    Lieut-Colonel Naud says there is much to arrange before the centre is ready for refugees but added: 'We will do our best with the aid of our team of professionals to manage this new situation.'

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