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  • Sep13Tue

    Weekly Meeting Surrounds the World in Prayer

    General Linda Bond asks The Salvation Army to pray with her every Thursday morning September 13, 2011
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    Salvationists and friends from more than 80 countries have already signed up to take part in the weekly Worldwide Prayer Meeting launched on September 1 by General Linda Bond.

    On the prayer meeting section of The Salvation Army's international website the General offers a personal invitation to join with her and the rest of the world in prayer for 30 minutes every Thursday morning, between 5am and 8am. She explains: 'Because The Salvation Army serves in so many different time zones it means that for all, or most, of Thursday the Army is at prayer.'

    Participants from around the world can sign up through a link on the General's website, They are asked to choose a time when they will agree to pray each Thursday.

    The General will be providing specific prayer topics of an international nature. Everyone who has registered to pray will receive an e-mail with these prayer subjects. The first topics seek prayers for The Salvation Army itself.

    General Bond writes: 'The needs of your own corps, centres, and territorial activities and plans will form part of your prayer list ... For the weeks ahead, I am asking that you hold before the Lord the following:
    1) The need to deepen our spiritual life personally and as a people of God
    2) In this economic climate, financial resources for our worldwide mission
    3) Renewed passion to bring people to Jesus and lead them to maturity in him
    4) The courage and compassion to stand for and serve the marginalised.'

    Salvation Army territories and commands responded to the initiative, organising their own prayer meetings. At the time of writing 670 people have registered through the worldwide prayer meeting website, including 170 who signed up during the first day of prayer on September 1, in response to a tweet about the event on the International Headquarters Twitter feed (@TSA_IHQ). International Headquarters [in London, UK] prayed from 7.30am until 8am. People already at the building gathered in the International Chapel, next to the General's office. The rest of the staff and officers were encouraged to pray at the same time, wherever they were – at home or on their way to work, in the car or on the bus or train.

    The General hopes that soon there will be tens of thousands of people across the world praying together every Thursday. She says to all who take part: 'As we pray together across the Army world, I know the Lord will unite us in a special way as we seek his direction and blessing. Thank you for your partnership in prayer.'


    On Thursday, September 15, 2011, walter boland said:

    re general's call to prayer...while driving to an appointment I became so engrossed in prayer that
    i drove through a red light..luckily for me on sunday the police officer wears a different uniform..
    Through scripture we find that leaders frequently had to initate a call to prayer ...prayer does'nt
    remind God of what needs to be done and how to do it..prayer simply does two things..1.It opens
    up our personal life to Divine Power..2.It causes the enemy to retreat...The wicked one still
    "trimbles we he sees the weakest saints on bended knees"...we need to be cognant that saying prayers and praying are not necessarily the same,saying prayers can be of habit, whereas in Praying we encounter the forces of evil,the World..the devil,the Flesh...It's a Difficult exercise,but
    imperative to the putting on the Whole armor of God Eph 6:11..If we respond to the General's call to prayer on thursday mornings,amazingly we'll find that Every Morning will seem to be a Thursday Morning,
    Halluljah..Thank God for Blessing the Army..Thank God for Blessing the General..Thank God for Blessing All her Prayer Partners..

    wdboland..ret'd csm

    wdboland ret'd csmt

    On Thursday, September 15, 2011, Sid Brace. said:

    Sign us up. The avenue of prayer is one way to seek the will of God for our Army and our world.
    We are with you in this. Actually we have been with you and every General since Training College days.
    God Bless and Use our Army for His purposes.

    Rachel & Sid Brace.

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