One of the five Salvation Army corps buildings damaged by an earthquake in Central Sulawesi Province, Indonesia

Salvation Army "Compassion in Action" teams in Indonesia continue to support communities affected by an earthquake in the Central Sulawesi Province. One of the worst-hit areas was the Lindu District, where five Salvationists lost their lives. Salvation Army corps and a school were among many buildings to suffer significant damage.

Colonel Mike Parker (Chief Secretary, Indonesia Territory) visited Lindu District to give support and encouragement, and to pray with people who had lost loved ones, homes and possessions.

He reports: "Salvationists are in good spirits, have a strong faith and are coping well with this situation. Our 'Compassion in Action' team is working well, and the logistics are in place to provide immediate support and goods. The bigger challenge will be the rebuilding of homes and halls."

Trauma counselling is now being offered.

Support is also being offered in another area of Sulawesi where four lives were lost and a number of homes swept away in a mudslide, and in Manado, North Sulawesi, where a volcanic eruption is causing concern.

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