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    Impacting children & changing lives

    Africa Zone November 25, 2013
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    World Missions
    In almost every country in Africa, the HIV-AIDS epidemic has resulted in hundreds of thousands of orphans. Zambia is no different. By 2013, Zambia is likely to have more than one million orphans under the age of 15.

    Making a difference in the life of even one orphan is significant. Our Sponsorship Program in Zambia is impacting 65. By paying for basic school fees, uniforms, books, shoes and Bibles, it ensures that each of the orphans receive the education they need to create better choices as they approach adulthood.

    In addition basic school supplies, the sponsorship program cares for the whole child. The loss of one or both parents is devastating. Salvation Army volunteers visit the children to provide a listening ear, teach them about issues important for their daily lives and offer a chance to set aside their worries for a little while and be children again by playing games.

    Supplementing the Sponsorship with available funds through the Gifts of Hope campaign, a goat bank program provides five goats to 20 families, who have taken an orphan into their care. This small herd will provide milk and over time, income for the families, which will make paying school fees much easier.

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