Finding suitable daycare arrangements is a challenge everywhere! In Condordia, Uruguay, The Salvation Army Nomelovides Centre provides an option for the families of 17 children. Many of the children are from single-parent homes, with the majority raised by single mothers working in the market area.

The families have expressed their thankfulness for the program, saying that it has been a blessing to know that their children are not only safe, but well cared for with a healthy meal and a basic education. Like parents everywhere, they want their children to have better opportunities than themselves.

Nomelovides Children Children play at the Nomelovides daycare centre.

From an early age Emilia learned how to fight. Violence and conflict was a part of her earliest memories. Through the patient care and teaching of the daycare staff, Emilia and her mother learned new ways to handle their anger and the problems of life. The little girl that once was aggressive toward others has become a friendly, social butterfly.

When Gustano was born, his mother knew where she wanted him to be cared for - at the Nomelovides daycare that she herself attended 25 years earlier. Both Gustano and his mother are happy with her choice as he looks forward to attending the daycare every day.

In addition to being one of the daycare centres supported through the Sponsorship program, the centre received additional funding through the Gifts of Hope program for the purchase of toys that included a seesaw, puppet theatre, kitchen set, dolls, cars, bikes and blackboards.

Nomelovides translates as “forget-me-not”. From the children and their families – thank you for remembering!

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