Born on the island of Bermuda and a retired postmistress, Rosamund Daniels had no church affiliation. Her sister, however, was a member of The Salvation Army, and a curious Rosamund soon started attending a series of outdoor Army church meetings. At the last scheduled event, she became a Christian.

Attending a Salvation Army church led her to volunteer, first as a youth worker and then with the women's group, and she soon became an official member of The Salvation Army. She makes the rounds of local nursing homes, assists with Sunday school, and visits inmates with fellow church members and the Army band. It was only a matter of time before she started standing at the kettles during the Christmas season, which she has been doing for more than five years.

“I love it,” she says. “Our kettle is stationed in front of the town hall, where we play Christmas music for the passers-by. We hand out copies of Faith & Friends as well as pens and Christmas CDs. People will tell us how they themselves or someone they know have been helped by The Salvation Army, here or even in Canada.

“I stress that the money we collect is used in Bermuda, and without the money we raise, we wouldn't be able to provide essentials such as our food bank and Christmas hampers, and that whatever they put in the kettle is welcomed and appreciated,” she continues. “Every little bit helps, and no amount is too little.”

“Rosamund works tirelessly throughout the year but especially at Christmas,” says Major Wendy Broome, the pastor at St. George's. “She is a true example of what we call a 'servant leader,' in that she'd never ask anyone to do what she wouldn't do herself. We are fortunate that she is a member of The Salvation Army here in Bermuda.”

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