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Hunger Awareness Week is a growing movement to raise awareness about the solvable problem of hunger in Canada. Food banks across the country host events during Hunger Awareness Week to tell the story of the work they do and the stories of the hungry Canadians who use food banks.

"Last year, over 830,000 people were assisted monthly by a food bank in Canada.  Of those 830,000 people, 36% were children and over 77,000 people were turning to the food bank for the first time.

Hunger is a growing issue in Canada which is why this week is used to talk about and work together for change.  It is time we recognize and support the hunger issues in Canada and throughout our international communities.  For one week, Food Banks Canada is challenging you to Give Hunger a Voice.   What does giving it up for hunger really mean?  It's as easy as three simple steps:

Give It Up for Hunger – Close to 900,000 Canadians have relied on food banks this past month.  Know what it's like to have food out of reach by challenging yourself to give up your lunches or a food staple for the week.

Give a Shout - Share your experience- go online and show your support via Facebook, Twitter or blogging or wear a Hunger Awareness Week sticker

Give It Out - Donate food, funds or your time to a local food bank.

Be part of the change in your local community and then, may we see the struggle of developing countries and partner with them through The Salvation Army to make a difference.




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