The Chief of the Staff, Commissioner William A. Roberts, welcomed all assembled to 'our journey of faith, seeking understanding', as the International Conference of Leaders 2014 delegates met on Wednesday to continue dialogue regarding lifestyle issues which are impacting faith communities today.

Following an informative presentation by Lieut-Colonel Graham Durston, who was supported by members of the International Moral and Social Issues and Doctrine Councils, delegates broke into discussion groups to consider the topic in detail. Group discussions follow each presentation, the small group setting being purposely private and organised to reflect the gender and ethnic diversity of The Salvation Army. They also allow for substantive reflection, deep conversation and give every delegate opportunity to make a contribution.

As the third full day of the conference came to a conclusion, ICL 2014 delegates recognized the significance of their responsibility, which was echoed in the Chief of the Staff's words when he said: 'We'll give this our best thought and Spirit-led sensitivity.'

The conference continues tomorrow when the focus changes from looking inwards to looking outwards, and considering how The Salvation Army measures its impact. The final day of the conference will consider accountability – two metrics high on the General's agenda for today's Salvation Army.

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