Forty-seven Salvationists from around the world are meeting this week in the United Kingdom for the fourth International Theology and Ethics Symposium, where they will give their attention to the statement "Jesus – Universal Lord and Saviour." They will be welcomed to Sunbury Court, just outside London, on the evening of Wednesday, October 8, by the Chief of the Staff (Commissioner William Roberts) and Commissioner Nancy Roberts (World Secretary for Women's Ministries).

The delegates, mainly officers, will bring the experience of many cultures, their own understanding of Scripture, and a variety of expressions of Salvationism as they study, pray and discuss together. In his keynote address, the Chair of the International Doctrine Council (Commissioner Robert Street) will encourage delegates not only to consider the statement's implications for Christian living, but also how best its truths can be communicated to a diverse and divided world.

During the symposium – which concludes on Sunday, October 12 – eight papers will be presented, under the titles "The Jesus of History," "The Christ of Theology," "Christ and Culture," "Universalism: Will all be saved?," "Servant Lord," "All things Under his Feet?," "From What to What?" and "Christ Alone."

Papers and reports will be shared on the International Doctrine Council website (

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