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    Barrie Kids Raise Funds for Gifts of Hope

    Vacation Bible School children and youth raise funds for Gifts of Hope December 3, 2014
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    We know it's almost winter but this summer, while most kids in Barrie were inside playing video games, running through sprinklers or attending a sports camp, children at Barrie Citadel were enjoying a full week of “Weird Animals” at Vacation Bible School Camp (VBS). This year had a special twist. Part of the VBS program included a segment called Operation Kid to Kid, where kids donate to other kids in the developing world. This year donations were directed to Gifts of Hope water projects.

    With programming in mind Sheila Palmer, VBS Coordinator, decided it would be great to donate the money raised to Gifts of Hope. “I set a goal of 6 gifts of water,” Sheila explained, "and each day the enthusiasm kept growing. I knew we would reach our goal.

    “There was one family who recognized that not all the kids on their street could attend VBS.” said Emily Holden, VBS Games Coordinator “The mother brought in $30 to represent donations from all of the kids on their street. It was amazing to see that much caring in our community.”

    There was one very special moment that all the coordinators remember when two children came to the program with a jar full of coins. The family just had a significant loss and the person that passed had a jar of money where he saved all of his loose change. When the children learned about donating money to Gifts of Hope, they knew this was the perfect time to remember their loved one.

    In total, from one week of donations from all the children, Barrie Citadel's VBS raised enough money for 11 gifts of water, surpassing their original goal of 6.

    World Missions is thankful for the efforts of Barrie Citadel, the children and the families. This donation will help support water projects through The Salvation Army Gifts of Hope program.

    If you would like to donate to Gifts of Hope, please click here

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