As The Salvation Army emergency response team in Nepal continues to provide assistance to a number of urban and rural communities, video footage has been released that makes clear the dangerous situations being faced by team members alongside the people of the south Asian country.

Michael Andrew, from the American state of Hawaii, first worked as a volunteer with The Salvation Army after the 2010 Haiti earthquake. He has since undergone the organization's PREPARE emergency response training, and has made himself available as an emergency responder. In Nepal, he has been at the heart of the ministry to people living in remote mountain communities in Sindhupalchok District – many of which are impossible to reach by road.

During Michael's time in Nepal, he has been recording some of The Salvation Army's ministry on a hands-free camera attached around his neck. He was using the camera to capture the broken paths that connect some of the most remote communities when his commentary was interrupted by the second huge earthquake – estimated to have a magnitude of 7.3 – that struck Nepal on May 12, 2015, with an epicentre very close to his location. The footage shows the violence of the tremor and some of the after-effects, with landslides ripping apart the sides of mountains.

Michael's initial response was a mix of fear and concern for his companions (please note, some people may be uncomfortable with Michael's language), followed by amazement at the reaction that can be seen on the hillsides all around.

As he regains his composure, Michael's concern is for the people in the villages he has visited, for whom this latest earthquake is a major setback. He tells the camera that the people of Nepal are "resilient people – very strong-willed."

To see the video in full, watch below:

Another video showing The Salvation Army's response in Nepal has been created by a crew from the USA Western Territory's (Salvation Army Vision Network). The short promotional video includes footage from Kathmandu and features Majors Lalsangliana Vuite and Lalnunsangi Ralte, who oversee The Salvation Army's work in Nepal.

The video can be watched below:

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