In an environment where realities may not always seem to indicate "greater things," it may take something special to help us recognize that good progress is being made. When numbers and names on our membership rolls and worship attendances have slowly but sharply been declining, we have had to resign ourselves to a number of amalgamations, mergers and even closures. Without burying our heads in the sand, we need to explore a little further to discover good reasons to celebrate a number of positive and wonderful things that have been happening.

The truth is, "greater things" can also mean the real value of current happenings is enriching the lives of many people. The honest efforts of creative and innovative leaders, program developers and daily workers are demonstrating a marvellous effect of being more relevant than ever before. Times and circumstances are changing more rapidly than we have ever known. Many are being affected by rapid advances in technology for both good and ill. Others have had to let the advances in technology pass them by due to their limited resources or inability to cope with the pace.

I am filled with gratitude to God when I learn of many new and innovative ways our program people in the field are rising to the challenges of our modern times and, at the same time, are able to respond to some of the more timeless human needs that continue to present themselves in our communities and neighbourhoods. The Salvation Army in the Canada and Bermuda Territory is adapting, adjusting and attempting to be more current and relevant in today's program delivery. This document highlights and celebrates a tremendous amount of work being well done on the ground by those who do the true mission work of The Salvation Army every day.

We pause now to thank God for each one so involved. I believe Jesus may have been describing some of these things when he said, "Greater things will you do…” (see John 14:12). Now is our time for more of these!

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