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    Introducing the Heralds of Grace

    Canada and Bermuda's newest lieutenants share their journey to officership. June 16, 2015
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    On June 20, the cadets of the Heralds of Grace Session will be commissioned and ordained as Salvation Army officers with the rank of lieutenant. After nearly two years of intensive training through the College for Officer Training (CFOT) in Winnipeg, these 16 Salvationists are now preparing for their first appointments. Photos by Carson Samson.

    Watch Commissioning live online on June 20 at 7 p.m. EDT! Click here for details.

    See more photos of the cadets on our Instagram feed.

    Charlene and Keith BarrettCadet Charlene Barrett
    I grew up in The Salvation Army and I sensed God calling me into full-time ministry when I was 14, while at a divisional music camp. Spending time with young people in the community while at CFOT has been meaningful for me. It was a privilege to be invited into people's lives and a great responsibility that must not be taken lightly. Through relationship building, I have learned much about grace, love and acceptance. As an officer, I look forward to meeting new people, sharing the good news of Jesus' love and salvation, and discipling them as they grow in their relationship with Christ.

    Cadet Keith Barrett
    My calling to officership came at a young age. Unfortunately, I ran from this call for many years, but after realizing that God would not give up on me, I finally submitted to his will. One of the most memorable experiences I had during my placements was visiting with members of the corps and community. I learned that it is important to be relational with people. People today want to know that we care about them. It is in nurturing these relationships that we are able to walk alongside people through their triumphs and hurts.
    Appointed to Lower Island Cove, N.L.

    Yves Bolduc and Vivian Mag-asoCadet Yves Bolduc
    After being a pastor for 10 years, I ended up working at the Booth Centre in Montreal. There I discovered The Salvation Army and my wife and I decided to attend Montreal Citadel. We became soldiers, heard God's call to officership and entered CFOT the following year. My placement at the Fredericton Community Church was an unforgettable experience. Serving and being with people, visiting the sick and conducting a funeral, handling a storm catastrophe, attending youth camp and experiencing all the challenges of ministry gave me a taste of the exciting future God has called us to.

    Cadet Vivian Mag-aso
    I had never heard about The Salvation Army until my husband started working at Montreal's Booth Centre. He was always telling me about the Army and how they reached out to hopeless people, and that's what made me interested in learning more about the Army and its work. My placements across Canada were precious because I experienced the diversity of The Salvation Army. I learned that some corps may be different from other corps, but The Salvation Army's mission—the vision and goal that William Booth had—still remains. For my first appointment I'm looking forward to how God will use me to serve his kingdom and carry out the mission of The Salvation Army. With their son, Mark Lynver Mag-aso.
    Appointed to The Salvation Army Ministries, Quebec City

    Michelle CaleCadet Michelle Cale
    While out shopping, a cashier asked me what brought me in and I shared that our church was holding an event and she was welcome to attend. Her face crumbled and she said thanks, but what she really wanted was to talk about a recent death in her family. God used this humbling experience to teach me that he turns ordinary moments into something more. I've realized that every day is a new chance to share God's love. It has been exciting to hold the people in my first appointment in prayer, knowing that God is there and is already at work.
    Appointed to Alberni Valley, B.C.

    Sung-Ho Lee and Kyung-Me ChoiCadet Kyung-Me Choi
    As an officer's kid, there wasn't a time when I didn't have The Salvation Army in my life. But one day, an officer I knew well asked me, “Have you met God personally?” I was shocked. I realized that I was a Christian in name only. After that, I began to read the Bible. When I read Galatians 2:20, my heart started beating and I encountered God. I prayed, “Father, I give you my life. If you want me to be an officer, I will.” I learned that I have to follow him without doubt and fear, because God knows everything and will make a way for me.

    Cadet Sung-Ho Lee
    I received the call of God about 10 years ago when I was meditating on the Bible. I believe that God's purpose in sending me to CFOT was to help me see the shape of myself and to make me humble. In my first appointment, I am going to take care of the congregation and help the local community. I admire my parents, who are officers in Korea. They care a lot for people and they are very patient, so I want to be like them and I promise God that I will follow him forever.
    Returning to Korea Territory

    Lorenda and David DaleCadet Lorenda Dale
    I have met many beautiful people in The Salvation Army throughout Canada since arriving at CFOT, and one thing I have learned is that we all have our place in the Army, in God's church—young, old, poor, rich, all of us are one body, one Army. My most memorable experience was a specialling weekend when I had the opportunity to lead a young lady to the Lord. I am excited to finally be doing what God has been calling me to my whole life. I pray that God will have his way in my life and use me to love his people.

    Cadet David Dale
    I'm so thankful that my parents raised me to believe in Jesus. I came to The Salvation Army as an adult, and I loved the mission. But I realized that many people hadn't had the luxury of being taught about Jesus, and I soon felt God calling me to be an officer. On my winter assignment in Moncton, N.B., I prepared and served breakfast to people who were facing challenges in their lives. As I saw the joy Major Vida Ryan, corps officer, exhibited as she prepared food for the clients, I realized that every person has a need to be loved and cared for. God has called us to be carriers of his love.
    Appointed to Woodstock—Circuit with Ming's Bight, N.L.

    Donna DowneyCadet Donna Downey
    My calling came later in life, but once I said yes, the peace that came over me was wonderful and I have not looked back. God has been with me every step of the journey. At CFOT, I was encouraged and trained in the importance of simple reliance on God for strength and courage. As I look forward to my first appointment, I eagerly await what God has in store. I pray for the congregation daily so that we will work together and build a lasting relationship as we show the love of God to the people we serve.
    Appointed to Gladstone Community Church, Ottawa

    Ian and Donna RabournCadet Ian Rabourn
    One highlight of my training was the time I spent with the men at Harbour Light in Bermuda—seeing their lives so dramatically changed and hearing their bold testimonies of Jesus being the only way out of misery and death. This still brings joy to my heart. I believe my call is to shepherd people, “to equip the saints for the work of ministry” (Ephesians 4:12 ESV). Every person has a unique call of God on their lives. I want to see the leader in all of us emerge and encourage those with experience to mentor the next generation.

    Cadet Donna Rabourn
    I always felt called to the job I worked for 25 years prior to coming to CFOT. But I eventually realized that God wanted me to do something different—a new calling. He was calling me to officership. The most important thing I learned at CFOT was unity in diversity. As cadets, we are all very different and yet the same, just like the wider body of Christ. In my first appointment, I look forward to getting to know the people God has appointed us to, and working with them to share the kingdom of God with the community.
    Appointed to Dawson Creek, B.C.

    Stephanie SawchukCadet Stephanie Sawchuk
    During my training, I have had the honour of being placed in amazing corps across the territory. Each placement has been an enriching experience. This year, I was assigned to Winnipeg's Living Hope Community Church, a place of growth and learning for me. Majors Corinne and Steven Cameron were more than field supervisors; they became repected mentors. They taught me how to embrace the role of a pastor, meet people where they are and truly love them.
    Appointed to Georgina Community Church, Ont.

    Samuel TimCadet Samuel Tim
    My journey with Christ has taken me down unexpected paths, but when I look back, I can see how God has been leading me. His plan brought me from Nigeria to Canada to attend the War College in Vancouver, and eventually I sensed his desire for me to become an officer. The most memorable experience of my training was my summer assignment in Tshelanyemba, Zimbabwe, where I participated in their worship services—it was like I was back in Nigeria! Looking ahead, I am eager to meet the people in the corps and community where I am appointed and share in ministry with them. With his wife, Mary.
    Appointed to Lakeshore Community Church, Toronto

    Stephen and Rosalyn ToyntonCadet Stephen Toynton
    My field placement during my first year at CFOT was at Winnipeg's Weetamah Corps, where I was assigned to their Urban Café ministry. This gave me the opportunity to serve a hot meal and engage guests in conversation and recreation. Observing how well each person was treated by the staff and volunteers caused me to think that this was exactly how Jesus did ministry. This was one of the most important things I have learned. I look forward to getting to my first appointment and doing whatever what God has planned for me to do.

    Cadet Rosalyn Toynton
    In my first year at CFOT, my placement was at Winnipeg Community Venture, where adults with disabilities can meet their recreational and social needs. I'll never forget the moment when one of the members felt she could trust me enough to hold my hand. It wasn't long before I gained the trust of all the members—an awesome privilege! The most important thing I learned at CFOT was not related to academics. Through my placement at Winnipeg's Weston Community Church, I learned the value of being a good listener, an encourager and a friend.
    Appointed to Amherst Community Church and Springhill Community Church, N.S.

    Principal's Commendation

    When I read God's Word, I am always encouraged by the extravagant nature of celebration God reveals. Whether it is the wedding at Canaan or the return of the prodigal son, celebration does not go unnoticed.

    David AllenAs a faith community, we celebrate promises made through covenant. Celebrations of this nature come in various forms in the lives of Salvationists, from child dedications to enrolment ceremonies. One celebration that is important to us all is the commissioning of new officers for ministry to appointments across our vast territory.

    This month, it will be an honour to commend to our territorial commander those who have responded to God's call. They have been sent from congregations large and small, and have undergone a thorough training of knowing, being and doing. Their character and competence have been affirmed. In the spirit of celebration, may it be our corporate prayer that the measure of God's covenant be extended, for “the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37). In rejoicing with those whom God is sending, may we have reason to celebrate those God is calling.

    With affection, the training college staff and employees pray with every assurance for the promises that are ahead, for “the one who calls you is faithful, and he will do it” (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

    Major David Allen
    Principal, CFOT


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