Almost two months after the April 25 earthquake that caused devastation in Nepal, The Salvation Army continues its vital response. This week a shipment of 1,000 high-quality tents arrived from Pakistan, just in time for distribution before the worst of the monsoon rains arrive.

The first batch of 60 tents has already been given out, including to families who can now live on land next to their destroyed houses, enabling them to begin the rebuilding process. Local community members joined forces to erect the tents, quickly providing much-needed shelter.

Latest figures from The Salvation Army's International Emergency Services team in Nepal show that, so far, it has distributed more than 110,000 kilograms of rice, almost 36,000 kg of dhal, 7,000 litres of oil, 2,650 kg of salt, more than 2,000 packets of noodles and in excess of 2,300 litres of water. The team has also provided 10 water filters, four water tanks, almost 3,000 tarpaulins for shelter, 904 solar lamps, 33 solar chargers, 775 jerry cans, 440 hygiene kits, 800 school kits and a large number of small items including mosquito nets.

The Canada and Bermuda Territory has provided support for 8,000 families in the Ghorka Mountain area with immediate food assistance and 200 families in two camps with sanitation facilities and drinking water. Both of these projects assisted in restoring the right to life with dignity. With gratitude to the generosity of donors across the territory, the Canada and Bermuda Territory will be providing further support as projects are developed.

The emergency team in Nepal currently comprises eight people – Colonel Carol Telfer (team leader), Captain MacDonald Chandi, George Williams, Captain Suleman Gulrays, Nazia Yousaf (all from Pakistan Territory), Bobby Myers (USA Eastern Territory), Captain Petr Janousek (The Netherlands and Czech Republic Territory) and Major David Bennett (New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga Territory). They are working alongside the officers in charge of the ministry in Nepal, Majors Lalsangliana Vuite and Lalnunsangi Ralte, local volunteers and personnel from the India Eastern Territory, which Nepal is a part of.

Colonel Telfer, Captain Chandi and Bobby Myers are all leaving within the next week, with Lieutenant Sharoon Matthew (Pakistan) and Captain Ralph Hargest (New Zealand) joining the team. George Williams, who has experience of relief and recovery work in Pakistan, will become team leader.

The Salvation Army continues to manage six camps in the Kathmandu valley, ensuring the safety of residents before they return to their home communities.

"We are making a difference in people's lives here," says Colonel Telfer. "On behalf of the team I want to thank Salvationists and friends from around the world for the support you have given in enabling us to do this."

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