The Salvation Army officially began work in Romania in 1999, but the country had never hosted a commissioning until Saturday, October 24, 2015, when Cadets Romica and Laura Crîșmariu became Salvation Army officers during a meeting held at Ploiești Corps.

Salvation Army officials, Ploiești and Bucharest Corps members and other supporters participated in a commissioning and ordination service led by Lt-Colonel Jostein Nielsen (Chief Secretary, Eastern Europe Territory).

In moments full of grace and emotion, the cadets affirmed their faith in front of God and the congregation. The commissioning ceremony was conducted by Colonel Rodney Walters (Territorial Commander, Eastern Europe) with Lt-Colonel Nielsen. Lieutenants Laura and Romica Crîșmariu – The Salvation Army's newest officers – were then given their appointments as assistant corps officers at Ploiești.

At the Silver Star presentation the mothers of the two new officers, with tears in their eyes, were congratulated by Colonel Wendy Walters on the occasion of their children's commissioning and were presented with Silver Star pins, thus becoming part of the international community of officers' parents and significant supporters.

The territorial commander's sermon was one of hope and encouragement. He talked about the journey Romica and Laura have taken as Christians and how, through God's grace, they came to fulfil their mission to serve God and people in need.

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