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    Creating a Community

    In Vancouver, a Salvation Army breakfast program nourishes both body and soul. October 21, 2015 Photos by Kim Stallknecht
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    Faith & Friends
    Since 2003, The Salvation Army has operated a breakfast program out of its Fraser Street building in Vancouver. “We started with coffee and doughnuts but now we serve complete breakfasts, from juice, coffee and tea to bacon and eggs and everything in-between,” says Major Russ Holland, the community and family services director.

    The food is donated by stores and restaurants in the community, and 50 to 80 people show up. Local volunteers help staff these breakfasts, which are held three times a week, and nurse volunteers are on hand to assess medical concerns. Major Russ can refer people in need to other Army facilities should that be required.

    Award-winning photographer Kim Stallknecht recently chronicled a typical morning at the facility for this exclusive Faith & Friends feature.

    “It's an incredibly warm and inviting atmosphere,” she says. “Laughter, hug and conversations filled the room. Spiritual teachings were read before breakfast, and everyone present was respectful, quiet and grateful. Throughout the morning, people continued to come in and join their friends over bottomless cups of coffee and generous breakfast portions. For these folks, it's a safe and familiar community that comes together out of the rain and chill for a fortifying breakfast to start their day.”

    The Salvation Army - - Creating a Community Steven Marshall is all smiles as he loads up his plates during the Salvation Army breakfast program. Major Russ Holland jokes about how much food he can eat!

    The Salvation Army - - Creating a Community Benjamin Mes (left) consoles Earl McKay at the end of their breakfast. Giving him a much appreciated hug, they go their separate ways, to meet again the next morning. Good friends and good food, the regulars have companionship

    The Salvation Army - - Creating a Community Margaret McBean, a volunteer with the Salvation Army for 17 years, greets her friend during the breakfast program. She is vibrant and is quick to give much needed hugs

    The Salvation Army - - Creating a Community Floyd Duncan is the life of the party! Arriving wet from the rain with a big smile, this joyful soul explained he traveled from Prince George, B.C., to Vancouver and was soon going to Vancouver Island. This breakfast location is just one stop along his way

    The Salvation Army - - Creating a Community Major Russ Holland has a heart-to-heart with Ellen Goodstriker and her son Bob, centre, during the breakfast program

    The Salvation Army - - Creating a Community Before the doors open, the Salvation Army volunteers have a prayer with Derik Hyatt (centre), the Community & Resources Coordinator

    The Salvation Army - - Creating a Community Terry Bee (right) enjoys his conversation with Joseph Fong, Senior Clinical Social Work Supervisor, during the Salvation Army breakfast program, which attracts regulars from far and wide

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