Lt-Colonels Jostein and Magna Nielsen (Chief Secretary and Territorial Secretary for Women's Ministries, Eastern Europe Territory) were caught up in a terrorist bomb attack in Istanbul, Turkey, on Tuesday, January 12, in which 10 people were killed and 15 injured. Lt-Colonel Jostein suffered a knee injury after being hit by a piece of debris and was initially treated in a nearby hospital. Lt-Colonel Magna was uninjured but is understandably shaken up by the experience.

The Nielsens had been unexpectedly held over in Istanbul on their way to Eastern Europe Territorial Headquarters in Moldova, and were spending a short time seeing the sights of Istanbul before catching their delayed flight. Lt-Colonel Jostein told a Norwegian TV reporter: "I first heard a bang that I think is what detonated the bomb. After that came the real bang, I felt that my knee stopped working. There were human remains all over the place." His wife added: "It was a great shock. One does not think that such things will happen when you are sightseeing."

News of the colonel's injury spread quickly via social media, although Lt-Colonel Magna initially asked that nothing be released through official channels until family and friends were informed of the situation. They are grateful for the prayer support that has been received from around the world.

The couple will return to their home country, Norway, before the end of the week. After undergoing surgery there, Lt-Colonel Jostein is expected to be in a cast for around three weeks before undergoing rehabilitation.

General André Cox gives thanks to God that the colonel's injuries were not worse. He calls on Salvationists and friends across the world to join him and Commissioner Silvia Cox in praying for all who were injured in the attack, for the families and friends of those were were killed, and that God's peace will descend on this troubled region.


On Thursday, January 14, 2016, Scott Matthews said:

Our prayers are with them

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