We asked corps across the territory how they raise funds for the Partners in Mission campaign. Here's what they told us.

Icing on the Cake

Last year, Midland Community Church, Ont., held a potluck with a twist—every­one was asked to bring desserts, which were then auctioned off at the end of the meal. “There was no dessert unless you purchased an auction item,” says Captain Bill Preston, corps officer. Each table pooled their money together to bid on the dessert they wanted to eat, or take home. “I paid $25 for six apple tarts—they were so good!” continues Major Preston. “ It was a fun-filled event as each table tried to out-bid each other.” The auction raised $375.

His and Hers

Over the last few years, Barrie Corps, Ont., has raised funds through a friendly rivalry between men and women. Two jars decorated with “male” and “female” symbols are placed in the foyer before and after the Sunday service. Humorous updates, with applause and groans, are given each week of the campaign.

“There's nothing like a bit of compe­tition to get things going,” says Major Colin Bain, corps officer. “Last year, the women won—no prize, just bragging rights!”

The competition brought in $1,800 of the $32,000 raised in total through cartridge giving, special offerings and other events. “Barrie Corps is mission-minded and sees this as a means of assisting others who do not enjoy the same benefits we do,” says Major Bain.
“We support the Partners in Mission campaign because we are so blessed that we want to share our blessings”

Weight for It

The theme at New World Island West Corps, N.L., was “Worth Your Weight in Cornmeal.”

“We had a wall display with a corn field, truck for transporting, a mill and a place for stacking sacks of cornmeal,” says Captain Dwayne LeDrew, corps officer. “For every $50 brought in, we added a sack of cornmeal to the pile.” They raised almost $5,000.

A Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma

Flin Flon Corps, Man., makes fundrais­ing fun with a mystery auction. Those attending are asked to bring one or two wrapped items from home. “Some things have value. Others are just hilarious, like an onion wrapped in a fancy parcel,” says Major Debbie Allen, corps officer. “This year, one of the items was labelled 'dinner for two.' Inside were two raw potatoes and seasonings.”

One of the young people showcases each item, while the auctioneer encour­ages bidding. The auctioneer follows his own rules—if someone isn't bidding, he may indicate that the slightest movement was a bid.

“We have great fun bidding, usu­ally no more than $10 an item,” says Major Allen. “We support the Partners in Mission campaign because we are so blessed that we want to share our blessings. No matter our need, there are always others in greater need.” The auction usually raises between $600 and $800.

How does your corps support Partners in Mission? Share your ideas and photos with us. 

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