Downtime, memories, friends, activities. The Salvation Army’s moms-and-tots camp, located at Jackson’s Point on the shores of Lake Simcoe, Ont., is for mothers and children to enjoy a break, spend time together and refresh in a restful, relaxing setting.

“Camp is a fantastic getaway,” says Tammy, 38. “It is the perfect opportunity to have a small vacation without having to worry about making meals and planning activities. It’s a wonderful time to build friendships and experience the joys of camp with my son.”

Tammy is raising her son, six-year-old Ethan, on her own. Ethan’s father left when Tammy learned she was pregnant and her extended family is far away.

“Sometimes I feel like giving up, but camp helps me clear my head and find strength to deal with stuff that comes with being a single parent,” says Tammy. “At camp, our stories are often similar, which means people understand my challenges and frustrations. Their support reminds me I’m not alone.”

“Only Me”
While Tammy enjoys activities such as swimming, painting and jewelry making, Ethan receives quality care with engaged and competent staff. Stories, crafts and games are some of the fun things he does.

“At home, Ethan has one or two friends. At camp, he has 10 to 20. He loves the activities and every year pesters me to go back,” Tammy chuckles.

“I never went to camp as a child,” she says. “I’m grateful to The Salvation Army for a week at camp that leaves me refreshed, encouraged and inspired. This is big, because at home there is only me.”


On Thursday, July 25, 2019, Avril Davidson said:

Theses camps sound great and I thank God that they exists praying for these camps that many souls will find Christ. Also thank you Tammy for.your testimony. This is the first I have heard of these camps. Praying for you that God will bless you.


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