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    Are You OK?

    Salvation Army officers’ kids invited to participate in research study. October 23, 2020 by Major Marlene George

    Borrowing from the title of Pete Seeger’s 1955 song, Where Have all the Flowers Gone? I have often asked this question of other Salvation Army officers’ kids: “Where have all the OKs gone?”

    As the children of officers, we experienced our childhood years growing up in a “quarters” (parsonage) with both parents (in most cases) engaged in full-time ministry. Most of us spent our childhood moving from one community to another, often crossing provincial and/or country borders. For example, before my 19th birthday, I had lived in 12 communities, attended six schools (before post-secondary) and had been a resident of three different provinces.

    While each OK—although from different generations—share some common experiences, every OK has their own unique story of how the experience of growing up “in the quarters” had an impact on their life decisions and/or faith development.

    If you are an adult child between the ages of 18 and 35 of Salvation Army officers in the Canada and Bermuda Territory, I invite you to participate in a research study I am conducting entitled: Equipping Officers’ Kids (OKs) to be Carriers of the Covenant. This research is part of my doctoral studies in the doctor of ministry program at Providence Theological Seminary. The purpose of the study is to explore where adult children of Salvation Army officers are now in terms of their relationship with faith and The Salvation Army, and how their lived experience of growing up as an OK influenced this. It is my hope to give voice to OKs’ stories and allow that voice to support the OKs growing up today.

    To learn more about the study and consider participating, please follow this link:

    Major Marlene George is a pastoral services officer in the Newfoundland and Labrador Division.

    Illustration: cienpies/iStock via Getty Images Plus

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