The Power of Forgiveness


The Power of Forgiveness by Salvationist Bob Armstrong explores the intricacies of forgiveness in Christianity. Drawing from a blend of biblical, psychological and relational perspectives, Armstrong discusses the impact of both giving and accepting forgiveness, and offers valuable insights and practical solutions for navigating the process.

The book uses humour, real-life examples and structured check-ins that invite readers to reflect on forgiveness in their own lives. “Forgiveness seems to be one of the many natural relationship repair mechanisms available to anyone who wants their past to stop negatively impacting their future,” explains Armstrong.

Armstrong holds a diploma in post-graduate ministerial studies, a master of arts in counselling, and is the author of the Couple Care Marriage Preparation Manual, Along the Way and Broken Church Restored. He draws from his extensive experience in pastoral ministry and clinical counselling to demonstrate how forgiveness is not just a moral virtue but a pivotal aspect of spiritual health and well-being.

The Power of Forgiveness comes highly recommended by Salvationists and officers, as well as professionals in counselling, pastoral care and psychology.

Copies of this book can be ordered directly from Bob Armstrong by emailing

Suffering Well and Suffering With: Reclaiming Marks of Christian Identity


In Suffering Well and Suffering With: Reclaiming Marks of Christian Identity, Aimee Patterson, a Christian ethics consultant at The Salvation Army Ethics Centre and adjunct faculty at Booth University College in Winnipeg, explores topics of suffering, identity and compassion within a Christian framework.

“In this post-Christendom era, the church suffers decline of membership and social influence. The Salvation Army is no exception. We can choose to reclaim these things by seeking power, or we can choose to reclaim Christianity as a faith of and for suffering people,” says Patterson, who was inspired to write this book after her own experience of suffering with brain cancer.

Along with her personal experiences, Suffering Well and Suffering With features stories from Scripture and Christian history that convey what it means to suffer profoundly. Patterson explores how we as Christians can use that knowledge to train ourselves and others in our communities to be compassionate. “When we identify with those who suffer, we place our hope not in our own power but in a God whose kingdom will transform all suffering to joy,” she says. “Isn’t this who Jesus was? Isn’t this what God has called The Salvation Army to be?”

Suffering Well and Suffering With is intended for Christians and for those engaged in ministry. Each chapter includes reflection questions that prompt open-ended responses and can be used independently or in a group setting.

Suffering Well and Suffering With is available to purchase on Amazon.

Listen to an interview with Patterson about her new book on the Salvationist podcast:

My Single Story with Meisha Watson

My Single Story is a podcast hosted by Meisha Watson and produced by Crossroads Media, offering a candid and supportive space for single Christian women. It discusses topics such as inter-church dating, the healing journey, marriage and navigating ministry life.

“Within my own life, as a single woman of God, I always felt that there was a gap in ministry for single people,” explains Watson. “I wanted to create this podcast to have open conversations about creating a single-friendly church community, and how we can equip single women to live fulfilling lives where they aren’t just thinking about marriage as a next step for them, but instead thinking about God’s purpose and plan for their lives.”

My Single Story also serves as a resource to help pastors and other ministry leaders better understand the unique needs and perspectives of single Christians, who are increasingly entering worship spaces, joining congregations and assuming leadership roles.

“This podcast is for everybody,” says Watson. “It is for people who say, ‘I’m single and I’m loving it,’ ‘I’m single and I’m hopeful,’ and ‘I’m single and I’m having a hard time, but I believe in God and I trust in God.’ Either way we want to hear their story. It’s not just about the good stuff; we want to hear about all of it because God is present in all of it.”

My Single Story is available on various platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and YouTube.

Look for a feature article about Watson in the May/June 2024 edition of Faith & Friends.

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