Some things are scarier than ghost stories.

The Vanishing at Castle Moreau is a deliciously spooky gothic horror novel by award-winning author Jamie Jo Wright. Complete with mysterious screams, bumps in the night, a phantom woman and skeletons literallyhiding in a closet, Wright crafts a story that will keep readers on the edge of their seats as she reveals the secrets of a supposedly cursed and haunted Wisconsin castle.

Heartbreaking Tragedy

It’s 1870 when Daisy François takes a position as a housemaid at Castle Moreau to escape the abuse she’s suffered at the hands of her adoptive parents. But as women from the area go missing, she’s drawn into a mystery that involves Ora Moreau, the castle’s owner and author of dark works of fiction.

In the present day, Cleo Clemmons is on the run from her family and the law when she takes a position at the castle helping Ora’s granddaughter, Virgie, manage her hoarding problem. But as Cleo works through the clutter, she discovers more than she bargained for.

As suspense builds, romance and inspirational themes combine with the mystery, making this a good choice for those who may avoid dark gothic literature. Wright incorporates the paranormal without compromising the truth of God’s Word, and the redemptive arc in this book is uplifting.

While this is a story that will have your heart racing, it is the social discourse on the maltreatment of women and girls that will linger in the minds of readers. By referencing child abuse and domestic violence, Wright outlines heartbreaking circumstances

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