While growing up in Newfoundland and Labrador, my parents thought it would be good for me to have something to do during the long days of summer—I was likely driving them crazy with that famous phrase every parent hears from their kids: “I’m bored”—so I was signed up for daily swimming lessons.

We headed to a local store and purchased a swimming cap and a swimsuit, and a few days later I was standing on the edge of the town pool wondering if I should venture into the water.

By our second or third lesson, our class was comfortable enough with the water, so the instructor decided to teach us how to float.


At first, it was very scary. I pictured myself sinking to the bottom of the pool. So, of course, I would tense up every time the instructor would remove her arm from my back, and I would start to sink.

The instructor told me to pretend I was at home. I pictured myself on my couch and began to relax, my muscles released their tension and then, to my amazement, I was floating without any assistance at all!

Deep Waters

When you are in deep waters and may even feel as if you are drowning—because of financial troubles, family woes or work strife—remember that God is always with you. Close your eyes and open your heart so you can see that God is right there with you. He is holding you up and will not let you sink below the waters.

Relax! Know that you are being held in strong arms that will not let you go. 

Soon you will find you are floating in His love.

Captain Lorenda Dale is the community and family services officer (pastor) at The Salvation Army Community Church in Picton, Ont.

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