(Above) The Maritime Division’s Scotian Glen Camp in Nova Scotia will offer a “Camp in a Box” resource this year

Just like the morning wind catches the flag as it runs up the camp flagpole, we feel the wind of the Spirit stirring as we look forward to a summer of ministry to young people. This fresh wind whispers the word “opportunity” to our hearts.

What makes something an opportunity instead of a setback? Is it optimism? Hope? Faith? I suggest that it is about gaining the Father’s perspective. Jesus calls us to have healthy—or generous—eyes in Matthew 6:22. Can we see that our circumstances—an ongoing pandemic that has caused us to change our camping model for a second summer—are not a setback? What if they are an opportunity for a new thing?

We like to have plans and backup plans, but with God, there is no plan B—there is just his plan. As we prepare for the 2021 camping season, some of our divisional youth leaders share the opportunities God has given them for the days ahead.

Photo of Cadets Julia and Zach Marshall and Majors Carson and Teresa Decker From left, Cdts Julia and Zach Marshall and Mjrs Carson and Teresa Decker

The Maritime Division’s Scotian Glen Camp (SGC) in Nova Scotia is looking forward to road-tripping this summer to engage in ministry and camp-like fun in local communities. We’re pleased to offer a “Camp in a Box” resource, which includes a virtual connection to camp. We’ve also planned fun days on site at SGC, where ministry units can plan to visit with a group of campers.
Major Carson Decker is the divisional youth secretary and divisional secretary for candidates in the Maritime Division.

In Bermuda, we are excited to minister in new ways. We have two weeks of “Camp at Home” planned and have decided to introduce both “Camp in a Box” and virtual camp days. Most exciting is the way we are preparing to spend time with our staff, with a focus on leadership development. God has pushed us out of our box, and we are the better for it!
Lieutenant Adriane Cartmell is the corps officer at West End Community Church in Sandys, Bermuda, and the divisional youth secretary and divisional secretary for candidates in the Bermuda Division.

The British Columbia Division is thrilled to engage with campers where they are this summer. Our constant passion is to share the love of Jesus with children; to invest in our teens and young adults by providing leadership and discipleship opportunities; to partner with ministry units, supporting them in connecting with families in their communities; and to be good stewards of the beautiful camps that we have been entrusted with. We are celebrating the constancy and evidence of the Lord’s presence working in our planning and preparation.
Captain Joyce Downer is the divisional youth secretary and divisional secretary for candidates in the British Columbia Division.

In the Ontario Division, we are looking forward to new ventures this summer. In addition to virtual programs and “Camp on Screen,” we will be hosting adventure days at Jackson’s Point Camp, when children and youth will come to share in a day of swimming, having fun on the new climbing wall, playing outdoor games, a campfire and a delicious picnic lunch. We are also launching Soul Leadership, a great summer experience for 20-25 young adults who will be involved in new camping ministry opportunities and be part of intentional leadership development and discipleship opportunities.
Captain Jodi Dunstan is the divisional youth secretary, divisional secretary for candidates and assistant executive director of Ontario Camping Ministries in the Ontario Division.

This summer, we are getting creative and will be hiring on-site staff at Beaver Creek Camp (BCC) in Saskatchewan to provide a virtual experience for campers across the division. Some ministry units will host children at their site, building relationships as they tune in to the interactive sessions that we will provide live from BCC. Other units will connect with families and deliver boxes so that they have the material and can tune in from home. We will also be providing leadership training with an Indigenous perspective for all our staff to equip them to return to their corps, ready to lead.
Captain Norm Porter is the divisional youth secretary and divisional secretary for candidates in the Prairie Division.

There is a fresh start ahead of us this summer—what will we learn? What new kingdom initiatives will change the face of ministry to children and youth? How many children and young people will come into dynamic contact with Christ and go on to chart a path of eternal impact through their lives? Jesus still plans on saving and changing lives. We invite you to join us in prayer and ministry in the days ahead. It’s going to be a summer to remember.

Major Terence Hale is the territorial children and youth secretary.

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On Monday, June 7, 2021, Natalia Manley DeBoer said:

Although sadly, Camp may not be in person this year many souls will still come to Christ through these camps and because of this, camp ministries will need much prayer. We can still rejoice for the fact that many souls will be saved. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah!


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