William Booth, co-Founder of The Salvation Army, called on us to offer soup, soap and salvation, with no limits, ceilings or borders. 

That’s why the Army flag flies in more than 130 countries worldwide, and why the Canada and Bermuda Territory’s international development department has been meeting people at their point of need for more than 60 years.

Through the generous support of individuals across the territory, the lives of families and communities beyond our borders continue to be transformed. As we embark on a new year, we look back on programs and initiatives that made a difference in 2022, because you cared.

Education and Care of Children

Girls participate in home league in El Salvador
Girls participate in home league in Usulután, El Salvador
  • More than 6,000 children and youth across 20 countries were supported through education fees and after-school and feeding programs.
  • Twelve schools across Africa and the Americas and Caribbean received new school supplies, textbooks and equipment.
  • Eleven children’s homes across South Asia and the Americas and Caribbean received new toys and furniture, and funds for recreational activities and vocational training.


A mother and child health project in Kenya
A mother and child health project in the Kenya West Tty
  • More than 19,000 individuals across three communities in western Kenya benefited from our mother and child health project through medical outreach, clinics receiving new medical equipment and the installation of a water borehole.
  • Two new water boreholes were drilled in rural southern Africa.
  • A new bus was purchased to safely transport students from the Community Health Workers Training School in Papua New Guinea, allowing future health-care workers to travel safely and attend different training areas and placements.

Disaster Relief and Preparedness

  • Two eight-seater vans were purchased in Ukraine, which allowed Salvation Army personnel to reach more people during the Ukraine crisis.
  • More than 1,500 displaced children across Bulgaria and Georgia received new uniforms and school supplies.
  • More than 3,000 individuals affected by the Pakistan flood received essential food and non-food items.

Food Security

  • In Malawi, 450 farmers (more than half of whom were women) across three communities received conservation agriculture training.
  • In Liberia, 200 farmers across two communities received new farming tools, agriculture inputs and training in conservation agriculture.

Livelihood Development

The territorial commander presents tailoring equipment to the graduates
The territorial commander presents tailoring equipment
to the graduates
  • Twenty-two students graduated from the tailoring stream at The Salvation Army’s Bacongo Vocational Training Centre in Congo (Brazzaville).

These projects are just a few of many. With your support, more lives around the globe are being transformed every day.

“The Salvation Army is ready to serve and mobilized to help thanks to the continued generosity of people across Canada and Bermuda,” says Lt-Colonel Brenda Murray, director of international development.

Kathy Nguyen is the resource/media co-ordinator in the international development department.

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