On International Youth Day, celebrated annually on August 12, the United Nations brings awareness to issues facing young people and celebrates their role in global society. As frequent facilitators of social change and as growing leaders, young people occupy an important space in the context of international development. The Salvation Army, as an international development organization, has a responsibility to amplify young voices and mobilize young people to take meaningful action.

For this reason, The Salvation Army international development department (SAID) is launching a new-and-improved ambassador program for youth of high-school age and older in the Canada and Bermuda Territory. This program offers a variety of ways for youth to become engaged locally in the international work of the Army. There will be opportunities for young people to participate in and lead important activities, such as raising awareness on key global issues, sharing information on social media, leading fundraisers, volunteering and more.

Beginning in October, SAID will also offer regular webinars to provide training and resources on fundraising, leadership and key international topics such as education, health, nutrition, gender equity, sustainability, food security, income generation, emergency response and more. Through these opportunities, SAID aims to create space for young people to learn, share ideas and act on issues of international importance.

Youth are passionate about global change and making an impact in matters of social justice. As masters of the technology and media that dominate our society, youth possess an incredible power to come together across borders on important issues and rally other generations around them for a common cause. It seems cliché to say that young people are the future, but it is undeniable.

Learn more about the ambassador program and apply today at saworldmissions.ca, or by contacting SAID at Robyn.Goodyear@salvationarmy.ca.

Robyn Goodyear is the international project support co-ordinator in the international development department.


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