The Canada and Bermuda Territory is making changes to its children’s publication to better serve the needs of the territory. Beginning this month, the editorial department is partnering with Canada Bermuda Youth to update and enhance Just for Kids, a weekly publication for children aged 5-12, with new content that aligns with the territory’s @theREADY youth discipleship framework.

“Our vision for the next generation is that they would be @theREADY in their homes, corps, communities and world—that our ministry efforts would be co-ordinated to make CHRIST-centred, OTHERS-focused disciples at every phase of development, from preschool to emerging adulthood,” says Kevin Slous, territorial director of discipleship.

“By partnering together, we are providing our corps with better resources to reach kids for Christ,” says Kristin Ostensen, editor of Just for Kids.

Ready to Explore
Launched last year, @theREADY represents years of research, ministry experience and collaboration, and brings the time-tested principles of Salvation Army discipleship into our present-day context.

“@theREADY is a guiding plan that integrates all of what we do for children and youth into one cohesive strategy,” explains Major Terence Hale, territorial youth secretary.

One of the key elements of @theREADY is the ORANGE curriculum, a teaching resource that helps children and youth learn and practise what it looks like to be a follower of Jesus. Going forward, the content of Just for Kids will align with that of the ORANGE 252 Kids curriculum by adopting the same Scripture verses and themes, while continuing to provide Salvation Army-specific teaching and information.

Reflecting this new content alignment, Just for Kids is now a “Deeper ORANGE” resource under the Ready to Explore age category. Packaged in an attractive, single-page format, Just for Kids engages children through stories and puzzles, and encourages them to apply their faith in their daily lives.

“This makes Just for Kids an ideal take-home paper or in-class worksheet for corps that are using ORANGE,” notes Slous.

To assist ministry units in expanding their use of Just for Kids, those that are already using the ORANGE curriculum will be given five additional copies of Just for Kids each week for the first quarter of 2020, at no additional charge. Following this period, increased orders will automatically be renewed unless contact is made with the editorial department.

“This increased usage is designed to complement the overall @theREADY strategy and ORANGE roll-out,” Slous says.

Just for Kids will also continue to serve as a stand-alone publication for those ministry units that are not yet using ORANGE.

An engaging, versatile publication, Just for Kids can be used in a variety of contexts, including after-school programs, community and family services offices, food banks or anywhere there is an opportunity to share the message of Jesus Christ with children.

“Ministry to children and youth continues to be a top priority for Canada and Bermuda,” says Ostensen. “Creating a top-notch publication for kids reflects our commitment to disciple the next generation.”

To learn more about @theREADY and the ORANGE curriculum, visit To subscribe to Just for Kids or increase your order, email or call 416-422-6119.

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