God has guts. He could’ve given us a 1,189-chapter Handbook for Living, full of stories about noble heroes to serve as examples. Instead, He gave us the Bible, overflowing with accounts of murderers, adulterers, betrayers and thieves.

Some of these “bad boys and girls” realized they were headed for trouble and did a U-turn before it was too late. Others wallowed in their sin and paid the price. And God, never one to waste, used every story to help us understand Him better (Really, Lord? You didn’t condemn an adulteress?) or show us what to avoid (Be careful who you tell your secrets to.).

This new series will examine some of these biblical bad boys and girls. A few we might recognize, such as Delilah, whose badness was blatant. Others may surprise us, such as Zechariah, who sinned in secret. But every one of these stories will spark hope for our own messes.

Life-Changing Verse

I spent years running from God’s grace while I “did my own thing” as a bad girl. Then I found a Bible verse that changed my life: “For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more” (Hebrews 8:12). That reassurance led me to surrender my life to God.

I won’t lie and tell you I haven’t done anything bad since that decision. But I will tell you that God’s grace is bigger than any badness.

Since that day, I’ve diligently studied God’s Word and taught it in many settings, including Sunday school classes, kids’ neighbourhood Bible clubs and worship services.

Last year, I was ordained as a minister, and now I preach several times a month. I’ve co-pastored seven congregations and authored six Christian books plus hundreds of articles that focus on God’s grace and humour.

Because everyone can relate to bad boys and girls—whether our worst sin is saying a bad word or stealing a million dollars—this series will encourage us to receive God’s forgiveness, forgive ourselves and help us stay faithful to the Lord.

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