Effective May 8, 2023, the current Music and Gospel Arts department will become Music and Arts Ministries. The current team will remain in place and will continue to minister with music and art on the front lines. Each team member will have the additional responsibility of acting as a divisional liaison to better learn what is vital at the corps level and provide better-suited opportunities to support. 

The Canadian Staff Band and Canadian Staff Songsters, under the leadership of Bandmaster John Lam and Songster Leader Major Len Ballantine respectively, will report to their Executive Officers and liaise more directly with Music and Arts Ministries. This is an exciting move forward into greater collaboration as the Music and Arts Ministries team seeks out opportunities to support corps, ministry units, divisions and the territory. 

Music and Arts Ministries will continue to partner with the many faithful local musicians and artists serving at corps to grow, develop and rejuvenate music and arts in The Salvation Army.

To reach Music and Arts Ministries, follow the department on Facebook or Instagram, or visit their website.

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