Following the official merging of divisions in January, The Salvation Army celebrated the installation of new leaders and the presentation of divisional flags for the Atlantic and Prairies and Northern Territories divisions.

“Having fresh and visionary leadership is essential for the future of the new Prairies and Northern Territories Division,” says Major Al Hoeft, divisional secretary for public relations. The dedication of the new divisional flag took place at an officers and leaders’ retreat in Kananaskis Village, Alta.

“The atmosphere was engaging and filled with hope,” notes Major Hoeft.

The Atlantic divisional flag was presented and dedicated by Commissioners Lee and Debbie Graves, territorial leaders, at the annual officers’ retreat in St. John’s, N.L. There were 170 active officers present at the event, representing all four regions: Quebec, Bermuda, Maritimes and Newfoundland and Labrador.

“It was exciting and so moving to witness the coming together of four regions, serving one God with one mission,” says Lt-Colonel Sandra Stokes, then divisional commander, Atlantic Division, who has since been appointed assistant chief secretary (administration) at International Headquarters. “The theme for the retreat was ‘Waymaker.’ In the midst of change, we have confidence in knowing that God, the Waymaker, is with us.”

Later in January at St. George’s Corps, Bermuda, Colonels John and Lani Chamness, chief secretary and territorial secretary for spiritual life development, used the new Atlantic divisional flag to officially install Lt-Colonel Stokes as divisional commander. “It was a very exciting day, and we give God thanks for his continued blessings on the work of The Salvation Army in Bermuda and the Atlantic Division,” says Lt-Colonel Stokes.

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