Here’s a fun, easy way to give an old T-shirt new life with something you probably already have in your laundry room!

Supplies Needed: T-shirt, bleach, paintbrush, cardboard or flat surface, tape, chalk.

Step 1 Find or create a design or image. 

Step 2 Put the cardboard inside the T-shirt to prevent the bleach from getting on the other side of the T-shirt and provide a stable surface to draw on.

Step 3 Use tape to create a border to guide where you’ll be painting and to make sure the image will be centred.

Step 4 Outline your design with chalk on the T-shirt.

Step 5 Start drawing out the image with the paintbrush dipped in bleach.

Step 6 Go over any areas that might need to be touched up.

Step 7 Let the bleach dry and wipe off any leftover chalk marks with a damp cloth.

You’re all done and ready to wear your new design!

Osareme David Dom-okoebu is a content creator and a creative expert for The Salvation Army. He creates content on Instagram (@_reme_) centred mainly on thrifted menswear. He also shares how to be stylish without breaking the bank. Find a thrift store near you at

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