In January, Trinity Western University (TWU) hosted a discussion with leaders of The Salvation Army, including Commissioners Floyd and Tracey Tidd, territorial commander and territorial president of women’s ministries, as it explores new ways to partner with churches and organizations who have similar values and goals.

Leaders from territorial headquarters, the British Columbia Division, and the chancellor and chair of the audit and finance committee of the Booth University College Board of Trustees visited TWU in Langley, B.C., representing a breadth of experience and perspective. The joint meeting provided a valuable opportunity to explore ways for both organizations to support the other in advancement of faith-based organizational visions.

The day-long discussion between TWU and The Salvation Army was comprised of three sessions, each devoted to a different focus of listening, learning and collaborating. The sessions began with the two organizations each sharing their visions and the work that they are accomplishing.

Throughout the day, delegates engaged in facilitated conversations around points of intersection and opportunities for partnership. The goal was to look for natural connections between the needs, resources and expertise of both organizations. After sharing a meal together, the leaders ventured on a tour of TWU’s Langley campus.

“Booth UC has many partners, domestically and globally, and always seeks opportunities to engage in partnerships for ‘Education for a Better World,’ ” says Lt-Colonel (Dr.) Susan van Duinen, president and vice-chancellor, Booth UC.

Based on a report by Trinity Western University communications.


On Thursday, May 4, 2023, Dianne Hill said:

NO.NO,NO NO NO. Please SA, don’t get involved with them. You will lose respect if tied to them. They are too right wing got todays world. Plaster, take a look inward. See what Jesus says about loving our neighbor. That’s the LGBTQIA’s folks. They are not to be hated or left out They are created in Gods image also. They struggle with who they. Are and why. Please, i implore you, don’t tangle your ministry with them

May the light of Christ always uphold in the dark places

On Monday, May 1, 2023, Concerned said:

I am sure there is great synergy between the two institutions, both of which I am going to assume are facing financial and enrolment challenges

But I would be very careful before any association becomes formalized. We all know the times we live in, and the events of recent times involving TWU. Given that the Army relies on a significant amount of public funding I would not wish to see that compromised by what could otherwise be a prudent arrangement

On Sunday, April 30, 2023, Alan Humphreys said:

Although TWU no longer requires the compulsory signing of their recently altered Community Covenant for students, recent newsworthy incidents at the University still seem to harm or denigrate the 2SLGBTQI staff and students. For a Christ-Centred community at TWU, and the Salvation Army at large, wasn’t Christ’s teaching … “Love God, love people”? God did not say “only some people”, but all people. It seems for both organizations some work still needs be done in that regard.

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Adele Rayment said:

This is exciting news!

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Shayne Stanton said:

While I think TWU has some good programs, I am part of a group that is basically boycotting the school because of the Covenant that they force upon every student. I have many friends who enjoy an alternative lifestyle and the covenant discriminates against those students. The Salvation Army can get into some type of partnership with this school but I will never support the school.

On Thursday, April 27, 2023, Daniel said:

This is so great! I completed my graduate education with TWU and it was an amazing experience. The students, and especially the faculty, were amazing. Praying for fruit from these conversations!

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