Rapid developments in the field of reproductive technology have opened up unprecedented opportunities to overcome human disease, disability and infertility. At the same time, these same technological advances have led to a number of ethical issues that previously did not exist.

The Salvation Army has developed this discussion document to help reflect on matters related to reproductive technologies. The hope is that this can better equip Salvationists to contribute towards broader dialogue or help inform personal choices they make related to the use of reproductive technologies.

Some key issues and some of the main ethical considerations related to the use of various reproductive technologies will be introduced and some pertinent biblical principles will be suggested. The aim is to stimulate personal reflection rather than to provide conclusive positions. Please note, none of the issues can be addressed exhaustively in the space available, and the material may not apply identically in all cultural contexts.

Salvationists may come to different conclusions regarding some issues, but will agree on the following: that every child should be welcomed and loved whatever the circumstances surrounding the start of his or her life, and that all people should be met with respect and practical empathy regardless of views or choices made with regards to the use of reproductive technologies.

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