Across Eastern Europe, The Salvation Army is providing assistance to those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. In response to the crisis, The Salvation Army in Canada is accepting donations to support humanitarian aid in Europe. Donations will provide immediate and long-term humanitarian aid for displaced people and those impacted by the crisis in Ukraine and bordering countries in central Europe. Emergency food and housing, counselling, transportation and more are provided through our existing Salvation Army locations in Europe. To donate, visit

Salvation Army workers speak with refugees at a Romanian border crossing
Salvation Army workers speak with refugees at a Romanian border crossing

“Our hearts are with all those who are suffering,” says Commissioner Floyd Tidd, territorial commander. “As an international Salvation Army, we continue to uphold the principles of compassion, care and service. Even in these dark moments, we trust in God for comfort and strength.”

Currently, The Salvation Army’s efforts to respond to the greatest of needs include:

Updated: March 10, 2022

Ukraine: In various locations across Ukraine, including Lviv, Vinnytsia, Dnipro and Kropyvnytskyi, internally displaced people are being supported through the supply of food and non-food items. 

Romania: Tens of thousands of refugees have passed through the Siret border in Romania, where Salvation Army personnel have offered help to complete asylum seekers' documents, given advice on how to obtain biometric ID documents, assisted with reunifications with family members waiting outside the camp, and co-ordinated the needs for and distribution of relief material and other support with the other stakeholders. Army teams are also educating refugees about the dangers of human trafficking through counseling and the distribution of flyers in Ukrainian.

A Salvation Army worker and a refugee look at some documents together
Salvation Army personnel provide assistance to refugees at a railway station in Poland

Moldova: The Salvation Army in Moldova is providing free assistance to refugees from Ukraine including temporary accommodation, hot meals and drinks, access to Wi-Fi and other necessary items. The Army is working in co-ordination with the Centre for Refugees Reception in the village of Mikhailany in the Ryshkansky district. The Army has also been serving people living in a tent-city on the border near Costesti and sending assistance to the children's intensive care unit in Odessa, Ukraine.

Poland: The Salvation Army is providing food packages and other practical support, including hygeine products and items for children, for Ukrainian refugees coming into the country. Personnel are also assisting with translation and finding accommodation. The Army is collaborating with Punktami Recepcyjnymi dla Uchodźców (Reception Points for Refugees) and providing storage space for goods in Warsaw.

Russia: To date there are over 60,000 displaced people in the southern part of Russia. The Salvation Army is responding to their needs by providing food, hygiene and other relief items.

A Salvation Army worker hands a care package to a refugee
At the Siret border crossing in Romania, a Salvation Army worker provides a care package for a refugee

Slovakia and the Czech Republic: Salvation Army leadership and response teams in Slovakia and the Czech Republic are assessing and preparing vital aid for the certain flow of displaced people, with representatives from both countries meeting together on a regular basis.

The Salvation Army in other European countries are also planning to respond to the needs of refugees arriving there and are grateful for the amazing solidarity and willingness to support.

General Brian Peddle has urged Salvationists worldwide to join him in prayer over the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

The General offered some particular points around which to focus prayer, saying, "Please pray for peace in this troubled time; pray for the safety of those who are fleeing and for those who are already displaced; pray that there will be adequate hospitality from neighbour countries; pray for faith and courage for every Christian and especially for our officers and soldiers; pray for the de-escalation of the battle so that the threat to life is no longer a reality; and pray that leaders will find a way to dialogue and find a peaceful decision."


On Friday, March 11, 2022, susan bains-grewal said:

thank you for doing this great work. Daily prayers going up that this will come to a peaceful end.

On Friday, March 11, 2022, Majors John & Gail Norton said:

We are praying for the many affected by this terrible war especially for the Ukrainians!

Thank you for giving updates on the work of the SA in neighbouring countries. May God use us mightily! 🥰🙏

On Friday, March 11, 2022, Senthil Kumaran said:

I pray Almighty to strengthen the works of The Salvation Army. Displaced people needs lot of spiritual, mental and material support. God bless our Army.🙏

On Saturday, March 5, 2022, David Harder said:

May God richly bless the work in the name Jesus. May God bless and protect the lost and displaced people in the Ukraine and other countries affected by the invasion. May you Name be glorified in all that people serving You there. Give them courage, strength and wisdom. Also an added measure of strength and energy for the tasks ahead.

On Friday, March 4, 2022, George Crocker said:

Prayers lifted for the people of urkraine today Thanks to the Salvation army for there willingness to help.

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