This week, leaders of The Salvation Army’s 58 territories and commands have gathered in Vancouver for the International Conference of Leaders (ICL). This is the first in-person gathering of leaders since 2017, and the first under the leadership of General Brian Peddle.

In this episode, General Peddle gives us a behind the scenes look at the ICL—what’s on the agenda, how decisions are made and what happens after the meetings conclude.

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On Saturday, October 1, 2022, Jo-anne Laframboise said:

I was disappointed in the fact that the General did not convey that the leadership of the Salvation Army and the church under the leadership direction of Jesus Christ to go into all the world needs the full empowerment and direction of His power through the Holy Spirit. Where growth in faith is happening in huge numbers, it is in sign, wonders and miracles. The world is in a state of chaos with pandemic, disasters and to meet the needs where greatest we need the power, the love and the full dependence on the Holy Spirit who alone can be there to meet the needs we will be faced with. All our officers need to cry out for a greater awakening of the power of the Holy Spirit that can be there for them to meet all the challenges. Seek His fresh baptism daily.

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