In February and March of this year, tropical cyclone Freddy hit southeast Africa, including The Salvation Army Malawi Territory, resulting in severe damage to homes, shelters and crops. In the district of Phalombe alone, more than 60,000 individuals were displaced due to the destruction caused by intense winds and flooding.

As soon as news of the disaster reached territorial headquarters in Malawi, leadership mobilized resources and co-ordinated their response in collaboration and partnership with local authorities.

Officers meet and distribute food to affected communities

A team of officers and staff were sent to the districts of Phalombe and Thyolo in the southern part of Malawi to assess the damage and identify the immediate needs of those affected. As a result of the assessment, The Salvation Army in Malawi reached out to the Canada and Bermuda Territory to financially support two humanitarian relief projects. The Army’s response to cyclone Freddy included the provision and distribution of food, water and shelter for displaced individuals and families, as well as emotional and spiritual care.

The ability to quickly mobilize resources and work closely with local authorities was key to the success of the emergency response. The commitment of The Salvation Army in Malawi to provide short- and long-term support to individuals affected by the disaster is a testament to their dedication to helping people in need.

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Photos: The Salvation Army Malawi Territory

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