With this easy and fun DIY, you can upcycle empty spools, vintage patterns, random buttons and rickrack trim into festive décor. 

Supplies Needed: spool, vintage pattern, rickrack trim, buttons, thick thread, needle, metal bell, Mod Podge, sponge brush, scissors, tissue paper (optional).

Step 1 You can either use your own sewing materials for this or visit your local Salvation Army thrift store for spools, buttons and any other sewing paraphernalia.

Step 2 I started by jazzing up the spools I had by using Mod Podge to glue a segment of the vintage sewing pattern I had on hand. I tried to cut a piece that had some interesting details in it.

Allow the Mod Podge to dry. You can either leave as is or add a layer of tissue paper or other details from the vintage sewing pattern.

Step 3 I decided to use scraps of rickrack trim to embellish the spool. I added a layer of Mod Podge, then the trim and held it in place to ensure it stuck to the spool.

Step 4 Next, gather your buttons, maybe use beads and then a metal bell for the bottom.

Step 5 Now you’re ready to put it all together. Using thick thread, thread a needle. You’ll start from the top by adding your buttons, a bead, then your decorated spool, then another bead, the bottom buttons and the bell. Now work your needle back up through the buttons, bead, spool, etc., until you’ve threaded everything.

Add a knot to tighten up the buttons, beads and spool, then tie another knot at the top to hang your ornament.

And that’s it! I made a few and switched up the colours of the beads.

Denise Corcoran (aka Thrifty By Design) is an author, upcycler, community builder and workshop facilitator based in North Vancouver. She shares her enthusiasm for crafting and upcycling by facilitating “Crafternoons” throughout Vancouver. She is also a creative expert for The Salvation Army’s thrift stores. Find a thrift store near you at thriftstore.ca.

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