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    Trading for Hope

    Every Others product changes a life for the better. March 14, 2018 by Kristin Ostensen
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    Faith & Friends, Women's Ministries
    Others Director April Foster, here with Lily, an Others production manager
    Others Director April Foster, here with Lily, an Others production manager
    "From the very first time I heard the story of transformation, dignity and hope experienced through the innovative work of Others—Trade for Hope, I felt compelled to do something,” says Major Shirley King, consultant for women’s ministries resources for The Salvation Army in Canada and Bermuda. “As I heard the stories of change and deliverance from a life of poverty, hopelessness and dependence, I knew this was a program that deserved to be supported.”

    The response has been overwhelming as more and more people from coast to coast have become involved. “It’s wonderful knowing the items give hope on one side of the world and bring joy on the other!” says Major Shirley.

    Behind every beautifully handcrafted Others product purchase is a person from Bangladesh, Kenya, Pakistan or Moldova whose life is being changed. Here are just three from Bangladesh:

    AmeenaAmeena has been married for 12 years and has two children. She’s been part of the Others program for five years.

    “It was challenging when I first started working with Others, because I had a young child. I had no income when I first joined the group. I was trained in skills such as working with jute and embroidery. I now earn 4,000-5,000 taka per month.

    “My income helps to support our family, and I have purchased chickens and ducks for cultivation. I have become very good at tailoring and I make all our clothes.

    “I am very happy that I am working.”

    AnawaraAnawara has worked with the Others program for 15 years and has four children and a grand-daughter.

    “I first heard about Others from a community worker from The Salvation Army. I needed work, so I came for training. I had no experience when I started. Now, I work well with jute and embroidery.

    “My husband is a day labourer. During the monsoon season, it is hard for us as work is more difficult for him to find.

    “With the income I make from Others, I have put all of my children through school.”

    NipaTwenty-year-old Nipa is married with a five-year-old son.

    “My husband works as a garment worker in Dhaka, which requires him to be away from home and pay rent there. He can only come home for one week every three months.

    “When my husband was not employed, we had to take a loan to survive. Working with Others has allowed us to pay off our loan, and now I am able to better care for my son.

    “When I am stitching the cloth hearts, I feel great joy in my heart.”

    April Foster: Others Director, The Salvation Army U.S.A. Eastern Territory
    “You can’t be in Bangladesh without being inspired. It’s the stories of people that do that for me more than anything else. When you sit alongside a woman and watch as she makes something beautiful with her hands and tells you her story, it’s as if that product is given life by that story. And I saw items come to life every day in Bangladesh.

    “So as I reflect on this time in Bangladesh, I am grateful for new life. New life that comes when our stories connect us around the world. New life that comes when men and women are given opportunity to work. New life that comes as we experience the love of God when people gather together.”

    To purchase items from Others—Trade for Hope contact or visit


    On Friday, March 16, 2018, Shirley King said:

    OTHERS Trade for Hope is an excellent way to promote dignity, respect and independence. Products and program materials are available by contacting


    On Thursday, March 15, 2018, Kati Cheo said:

    How do we view the products. Can you post a link? What an incredible way to help others directly. And handmade is becoming more and more hard to find! Thank you so much for this. And ALL you do.


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