Acknowledging Diversity Recognizing that many biblical characters were men and women of colour is something to celebrate.

    Art for a Cause

    Paintings raise funds for The Salvation Army.

    Faith & Friends

    Sonja Cuming Adams raised funds for The Salvation Army’s community and family services in Peterborough, Ont., with a two-day art show last October.

    Be Here, Be You, Belong

    Three Salvationists share what the new Call and Commitment theme means to them.


    How is God calling you to BE HERE, BE YOU and BELONG in transformative ministry within The Salvation Army?

    The Posture of Leadership

    An effective leader prioritizes humility, learning and service.

    Opinion & Critical Thought

    I have come to believe that while setting a direction, moving toward a goal, empowering and collaborating are important underpinning qualities, the essence of leadership is a posture. 

    Compassion and Commitment in Jamaica

    Across the island, The Salvation Army, led by powerful women, meets people at their point of need.

    Faith & Friends

    Around the world and in Jamaica, The Salvation Army is a strong advocate for equity and women in leadership, uplifting and amplifying the voices of women on every level—spiritually, physically and emotionally

    Becoming Brave

    Salvation Army will hold third annual event for girls in spring 2023.


    BRAVE is a movement that starts with meeting girls where they are, regardless of socio-economic circumstance, educational attainment, life experience or goals and ambitions. From March to May, The Salvation Army will host BRAVE 2023 events all over the country, with the goal of communicating strength and agency to all young women who attend.

    "Is This the Night?"

    Kent Hepditch had a decision to make—one that would change his life forever.

    Faith & Friends

    Kent Hepditch wanted to go up to the altar to become a Christian—but he couldn't move. Then, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and someone asked a question that changed his life.

    Soul Survivor

    Canadian Survivor winner Maryanne Oketch had an important weapon in her arsenal: faith.

    Faith & Friends

    Despite the hardships, Canadian Survivor winner Maryanne Oketch never considered quitting.  “When it’s raining and all you want is to be dry, you just keep playing the game." And she did!

    The Gift of Years

    Are we making the most of the wisdom, knowledge and experience of older people?


    As people live longer and healthier lives than previous generations, seniors are a rapidly growing segment of the population. Do we see the opportunities for ministry by, with and for older adults?

    Love Among the Ruins

    1992’s Hurricane Iniki is a reminder to two Salvation Army pastors that love conquers all.

    Faith & Friends

    1992’s Hurricane Iniki is a reminder to two Salvation Army pastors that love conquers all.