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Important: If you need access to the training information, please contact the Pathway of Hope Specialist supporting your division.

Mobilized Mission Training

Welcome to the Mobilized Mission Training, where we offer comprehensive e-learning resources designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective and ethical community work and social services through The Salvation Army. 

Whether you're an individual seeking to enhance your skills or a team looking to improve your community outreach efforts, Mobilized Mission Training has something for everyone. We invite you to explore our courses and register today to take the next step in your community journey.

Interested in Pathway of Hope?


Fit4Mission is a modular e-learning curriculum designed to support the ethical, missional, and professional delivery of The Salvation Army's community work and social services. It provides foundational learning of The Salvation Army's mission, vision, and values for those engaging in direct service and supports to the community.


Learning Pathways

Learning Pathways is a training in Salvation Army community engagement, community development, and community project management, available to all learners from around the world where The Salvation Army is at work. The course links biblical and personal reflection, theology, practical applications, and readings with everyday life and ministry. 



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