Feed Opportunity Fund

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Food insecurity, known as uncertain or inadequate access to the food needed for a healthy life, is a serious and growing problem in Canada. While lack of money to buy food is the single greatest cause of food insecurity, it can also be impacted by geography, health status, access to social supports, knowledge barriers, and structural racism.

Project Grants support initiatives that go beyond emergency food relief to provide programs or interventions that reduce barriers to food security and which may reduce household food insecurity. Project grants are provided to organizations that are working directly with and alongside food-insecure people.Project Grants can be up to $150,000/year, although higher levels of funding may be considered for initiatives with potential for scale impact. Subject to annual review, Project Grants may extend up to three years or more in exceptional cases. Evaluation and learning are important parts of Project Grants; partners will work in collaboration with key stakeholders, including the Centre, to develop process and outcome evaluation plans that align with project goals.

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